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From Sonja: After having "shut down" class-wise after pandemic/etc. through mid-2022 - I had a November 2022 class - and also in February 2023: One Block Wonder. Please see the comment below about possible other classes if you are interested... We see, how 2024 moves along.

My lectures and workshops are "tailored" to the audience.

Some quilt workshops I teach show use of the paper or fabric foundation technique. Other workshops use traditional approaches to quilt making.

Some examples of lectures and classes include:

Note: Class duration can be adjusted to be 1, 2, or 3 day duration. Sew-on patterns are included in any class fees (for classes that use our patterns).

Upcoming and Under Consideration classes, held at Bernina World of Sewing in Raleigh.

  • One Block Wonder

    Yes, the class was back! If you are ready for your 1st, 2nd or 3rd… choose a fabric that you really like - and I promise that you will have fun, with lots of surprises, while creating your One Block Wonder quilt. Join us for new adventures with your fabric!

    Skill: Advanced Beginner

  • Beginner's Start to Finish

    If you always have wanted to learn how to make a quilt - come and join us for four relaxing evenings or mornings -- or two full-day Saturday classes. This class will teach you how to make a quilt from start to finish, including straight-line machine quilting and finishing the quilt with a binding. This is a true beginner's class.

    This is an ideal class for "busy" people -- almost no homework! Also, a good class for a young person who is experimenting to see if he/she enjoys sewing.

    Skill: Beginner

    In-Consideration Spring / Summer 2024 dates for at Bernina World of Sewing, Raleigh: Cannot register at this time. The class may/may-not come about.
    (May happen Spring / Summer 2024. We see.)

    (Note: As of now, I am not planning to offer the four-session 1/2-day Morning or Evening Beginner's Start to Finish throughout 2022. Let me know if you have a comment regarding this matter).

    Beginner's Start to Finish Class Page

To see my current Class Calendar and a summary of previous happenings at my classes, click on:

Workshop Current Calendar and Additional Information

Classes that I teach at various times include:


This class will teach you all you need to know regarding how to make a quilt from start to finish, aiming at ending up with a Giant Log Cabin finished quilt.

How to cut your fabric straight using your rotary cutter, ruler and mat. Sewing your pieces together to be a quilt top, basting the three layers together, straight-line machine quilting, and finishing the quilt with a binding.

No previous experience necessary! This is a true beginner's class.

This is an ideal class for "busy" people -- almost no homework! Also, a good class for a young person who is experimenting to see if he/she enjoys sewing.

Skill: Beginner


Bali Pops and Jelly Rolls are the perfect start for this fun quilt that is full of energy. The strips are already cut and waiting for you to start your "masterpiece"! One package of Bali Pops or one Jelly Roll will give you all the strips that you need for a lap-sized quilt.

Skill: All

BOOK COVER - Embellished with Little Bits Patterns

Looking for a charming holiday present? This may by your answer! Come and spend a couple of evenings with us and leave with a smile. You will have six different patterns to work with.

Skill: All


6 ½” squares are the foundation for this quick-and-easy scrap quilt. A class for beginners who like to learn about sashing with cornerstones and pieced borders.

Skill: Beginner


Let's make a true scrap quilt! We start with a border fabric and add as many fabrics from your stash as you like! Then, add new fabrics while also including some fabrics from your classmates. You will be amazed.

Your choice: Make a lap quilt or a large quilt.

Skill: Advanced Beginner


This new class works with a traditional pattern and contemporary color arrangements. The beginning of this class will include help in fabric selection and effects of particular fabric and colors. You will be amazed how the piece "falls into place". This is a good class for beginners - or, anyone - ready for the next step.

Skill: Advanced Beginner


This cute quilt is made using the freezer-paper technique (not a foundation quilt). Make a Cat Quilt, a Dog Quilt or a quilt combining both blocks. You will have many smiles, working on and showing this quilt.

Skill: Advanced Beginners


Would you like to make one of our popular Chicken Pincushions?

Need a quick stocking stuffer for a friend? Join us for a relaxing three hours of fun.

All the materials are included in the class price. Just bring your sewing machine and sewing kit.

You will choose one of the three sizes that are on display at the store.

Skill: All


Are you still wondering what to do with your Bali Pops, Jelly Rolls or any other 2 ½”-cut strip packages? Join us and play with your strips, putting your creative side to work. No matching seams required.

Skill: All


Explore the possibilities, using a traditional block, to design contemporary quilts. Choose, for the class, one of the samples or bring your own ideas. We will sew 2” blocks (with 5 logs) on paper foundation.

I am sure after this class, if it was not already: The Log Cabin block will be one of your favorites!

Sew-on patterns included in class fee.

Skill: Advanced Beginner

CURVED LOG CABIN - An Old Pattern with a New Twist

A great class for all Log Cabin lovers or quilters looking for a new design.

You will have fun experimenting with colors and different designs. Batiks and oriental fabric work especially well for this quilt.

Design and create traditional or contemporary quilts that have your own personal flair.

This class is not recommended for beginners.

A Master Copy for sew-on patterns is included in class fee.

Skill: Intermediate or Advanced


We will design a “contemporary” quilt that uses traditional quilt blocks. We will design YOUR piece. Lots of homework….. This class is not for beginners.

Skill: Intermediate and above

DISCOVERING PINEAPPLE (Foundation Piecing Miniature)

If you are a fan of the pineapple pattern and have wanted to try minis, this is the perfect class for you.

Choose between the traditional or one of the contemporary designs they are possible with the pineapple pattern. Learn how to sew 2” blocks on paper foundation.

Skill: Advanced Beginners


We like a “panel” – and, the idea of a quick quilt. Yet… what to do with the panel? Experiment with color, proportion and different possibilities while framing your panel and/or adding sashing and borders. This class should also help if you have a finished center and are struggling with borders.

Skill: All


Have fun with different fabrics and let the geese fly, when you learn how to efficiently use pre-printed fabric foundation.

The class example is a lap-sized quilt top. The technique used is easily expanded to a full-size quilt if you choose to go that direction.

Skill: Advanced Beginner


Do you have one of the 2 ½” strip pre-cut fabric packages at home and you are not sure what to do with it? As per many requests - this class is aimed at de-mystifying examples that you may have seen that use pre-cut strips while showing how fun, easy and - still challenging - piecing the strips can be. We will “play” with units of 4-to-9 arranged strips. The importance of fabric colors and fabric types will come across as you examine the class examples and develop your piece.

Skill: Advanced Beginner


Make a fun quilt with funky looking blocks! This will not be your traditional-looking quilt. Choose one of numerous suggested patterns.

Patterns are not included in the class fee.

Skill: Advanced Beginner


Do you have a quilt at home that is almost finished -- and you need help with the binding? Let's finish it together.

You learn how to do the binding with classic French Fold corners (mitered).

Skill: Beginner


The pattern is fascinating to me and, even better: It is not complicated to sew. I chose for the class sample the Ombre fabric Gelato. Colorful florals or batiks would be great, as well. Come and see how your creation magically falls into place. (Homework is required).

Skill: Advanced Beginner


Have you ever looked at a fabric collection of pastels and wondered what you would do with them? I did -- and I knew that a pattern that incorporated the Flying Geese pattern would be perfect to create a quilt previewing the upcoming spring!

This is my first quilt in pastels. A great project for winter evenings.

Skill: Advanced Beginner

HIDDEN STARS - (Sewing on Paper Foundation) Miniature Quilts

Experience foundation piecing creating a Star pattern and enjoy placing fun and unusual prints into the centers. This is an ideal class for making good use of fabric scraps you have at home.

This is a great class to find out if you like miniature quilts with small blocks. Come and see our sample at the store.

Sew-on patterns and instructions are included in class fee.

Skill: Beginner


If you always wanted to make a Christmas Tree skirt - but do not like to do appliqué, this may be the class for you! For the class sample, I used the Vintage Christmas fabric by Windham. Stop by and give it a look.

Skill: Advanced Beginner

MARVELOUS LOG CABIN - Miniature Scrap Quilts

Explore the countless traditional designs with the LOG CABIN pattern. Learn how to sew 2” blocks (with 5 logs) on paper foundation.

If you enjoy the Log Cabin pattern and have wanted to try minis, this is the perfect class for you!

Skill: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced


Bring a little color into your life: Design and create a quilt top with three different-sized blocks.. Multiple colors or different shades of one color: Your choice! A fun contemporary quilt.

Skill: Advanced Beginner


You could design your own quilt - or, you might adopt the class sample. We make the quilt using three different blocks - using lots of colors, offering you flexibility while allowing you to challenge your imagination!

Skill: Advanced Beginner


This class is for all who love foundation piecing and want to take a step further:

Use numerous class options - traditional to contemporary designs - from the family of traditional Log Cabin and Pineapple patterns.

Sew-on patterns are included in the class fee.

Skill: Advanced Beginners and Above


With Sonja helping you step-by-step, you will learn and experience-using Robin Ruth’s rulers (NO PAPER PIECING) and your straight ¼” seams to achieve a new addition to your heirloom quilt collection. The class is spread over six months to allow for homework.

Skill: Intermediate and Above


This class is for all of you who have asked for an evening class to be able to share this exciting technique: Full of surprises -- and, inspiration in trying new adventures with different fabric. Note: This should not be your first quilt project.

Skill: Advanced Beginner


A 3-color quilt with an intriguing pattern -- or use lots of light and dark scraps. Solid-block centers with pieced cornerstones and sashing.

This is a four-session class so homework will not be too daunting!

You will be sewing many equal-triangle squares and you are rewarded with a beautiful piece.

Skill: Advanced Beginner

PILLOW FIGHT - Hand Piecing

Let’s fight against all the worries you ever have had about making a quilt! We learn, together, how to piece a pillow top center and add a straight mitered border.

At the end of the second session it is intended that you will have completed pillowcase for a 16” pillow.

Skill: Beginner - No experience necessary.


Triangles can be a lot of fun! Let me show you how to sew this fun pinwheel block while incorporating the block into a lap quilt.

Choose fun, novelty fabric for a baby quilt or, perhaps, soft florals and make a quilt for a friend who needs a hug.

Skill: Beginners

Red, White and Blue

This intriguing-looking pattern appears complicated. Actually, though it is a great class even for beginners! The pattern makes a charming quilt for your 4th of July picnic or, using fun novelty fabrics, make a cute baby quilt.

Skill: All


A perfect class if you are ready to learn new techniques and tricks. Come and sail with us in the evening and end up with a charming quilt top.

Skill: Advanced Beginners


Dreaming of cool winter evenings? This class will bring you into the mood!

Soft homespun cotton and no matching points within the block. What could be easier?

Join us for a few relaxing hours - no stress, guaranteed!

Skill: Beginners


If you enjoyed Kaffe Fassett's "Shots and Stripes" book, perhaps a class environment will give you an additional incentive to make such a quilt. Join us!

Work with homespun, shot cottons or other striped fabrics to create a Stripe-It piece of your own! A requirement for this class is: Patience - and a willingness to work with straight pins.

This quilt has proven to be in the "I want one of those" category - and, after the class, you will have one!

This class recommended for advanced beginners and above.

Skill: Advanced Beginners and Above


A class for beginners who are ready for the second step.

Learn about equal triangle squares in this fun quilt that of many colors and prints.

No pre-planning stress or early decisions necessary!

Skill: Beginners


The block is a fun and fast combination of using freezer paper with the "Stack 'n Whack" method. In this class, you are not concerned with matching-up seams. Be creative and have fun!

Participants should have experience with Olfa cutter. During class we will cut multi-fabrics stacks.

Skill: Advanced Beginners

YOU DO THE MATH for Borders, Bindings, Backs

Bring paper, pencil, and a calculator -- and see how easy it is to figure out the fabric requirements for borders, bindings, and backs.

Math expertise is not necessary -- and, no sewing machine required for this class!

Skill: All


  • Information Meeting

    Some of you have mentioned that you may be looking for a class that is aimed at designing your own quilt; a Civil War-type quilt or perhaps a contemporary quilt.

    The purpose of this meeting is to ensure that the plan that I have for this class is what you are expecting; that is to say: Are we on the same page? This meeting is aimed at providing you with sufficient information to allow you to make a final decision on commitment for the class.

    This meeting is free (No Charge).

  • Class Sessions

    Create a quilt with your own, original design and vision. I will assist you, using my experience and helping you with, for example, the math part and other technical issues that come up as you go along. Quilt types may include traditional/reproduction-type quilts or very strong/geometrical contemporary quilts.

    We will examine your ideas for YOUR piece and I will help you make decisions as you go forward. I will provide you different options in how to begin the design of your quilt.

    We will meet once a month, giving you plenty of time to work on the different steps of your design. I will be available in the meantime - I will not leave you on your own!

    This class is not a class for beginners

Skill: Not For Beginners


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