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March, 2018

(From the Webmaster: Thank you for your class pictures and your after-class completed-work's pictures. If your piece is now completed and you can share the work with us -- don't hesitate to contact me or Sonja. I may be reached by eMail through the pointer-to at the end of this Web page; Sonja may be reached either by eMail or at the store.)

To my Students, Customers, and Friends!

Hello, everyone!!!

We are "on our way" with Classes and Projects in 2018. I hope that you are having a good start.

It is wonderful to see how the participant's hard work / design work / all their efforts are ending up with such beatutiful and fun pieces. It is great, how everyone is working so well: Together.

I look forward to seeing you - and, working with you - in a class or at the store (Bernina World of Sewing, in Raleigh) -- or somewhere else along the way in 2018.

My so-far-confirmed 2018 classes are scheduled as:

  • Beginners Start to Finish (was offered as a two-full-day Saturday class in late March and, I will have a Summer Beginners Start to Finish class in August . This Spring/Summer 2018, I will not be offering the Beginners Start to Finish class in the evening.
    Class Description: If you always have wanted to learn how to make a quilt - come and join us for two relaxing Saturdays. This class will teach you how to make a quilt from start to finish, including straight-line machine quilting and finishing the quilt with a binding. This is a true beginner's class. This is an ideal class for "busy" people -- almost no homework! Also, a good class for a young person who is experimenting to see if he/she enjoys sewing. Note: This class requires that you have a sewing machine, at home, for any necessary homework.

  • "One Block Wonder" - as requested by some of you - (and, I enjoy the class a lot!) - will be held in February/March/April as a four session class either Tuesday Mornings or Wednesday Evenings. I have created a new One Block Wonder class sample - stop by the store (Bernina World of Sewing) to see - and, let me know what you think of the fabric/result. For the class, you choose a fabric that you really like - and I promise that you will have fun, with lots of surprises, while creating your One Block Wonder quilt. Join us for new adventures with your fabric!

Good luck to you all - with YOUR projects.


Don't hesitate to give me a comeback if you have any comments/questions regarding my plans. Just eMail to: or, of course, I look forward to talking with you directly at the store.

Reminder: To register for my classes, please call the store (Bernina World of Sewing: (919) 782-2945) or (better yet!) stop by the store (on Glenwood Ave. in Raleigh - about two miles North of Crabtree Shopping Center). You may also register for he classes online - at the store's Website - however, you will have to stop by the store or contact me a few weeks prior to the class to obtain the class Supply List.

My so-far-confirmed 2018 classes at Bernina World of Sewing, Raleigh:

Upcoming dates at Bernina World of Sewing, Raleigh:
(Click on any of the photos, below, for more information)

Beginner's Start to Finish

Upcoming August: Dates at Bernina World of Sewing, Raleigh: August 2018: Saturday All-Day Class (Two Full-Day Saturdays) - Saturday(s) 10:00am-4:30pm August 11, 25 2018

One Block Wonder

March/April: Tuesday Daytime Class #2 (Four Morning Sessions) - Tuesday(s) 10:00am-1:00pm March 27. April 3, 10, 24 2018

March/April: Wednesday Evening Class #2 (Four Evening Sessions) - Wednesday(s) 6:00-9:00pm March 28, April 4, 11, 25 2018

Any comments: Send to us at:

To see pictures from more classes, as well as previous-student's classwork, click on: Student Examples and Additional Workshop Information

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