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I have been teaching quilt classes since 1989. During that time I have been fortunate to work with students locally and internationally and in 2005 I was nominated for Teacher of the Year through the "The Professional Quilter" journal. In 2009 I began to offer selected classes online, starting with Match Play.

Match Play

Some Online Match Play Prior Class-Attendee Comments

...Sonja -- I take a lot of classes and read a lot of blogs and feel that I am an intermediate/advanced quilter. And I LOVED your class. It was one of the best laid out classes and anybody could do the class online. And the pattern itself is SO much fun. I absolutely loved this class.

... Sonja, I enjoyed the class very much. You always have good work pages and instructions I especially like the work pages you give us to plan our color schemes. That really helps Great class and I look forward to some more. Keep me on your email list and let me know what you plan next.

...The class in my view was a very good one.  You obviously put a lot of thought, skill, and planning into each phase of the class, and are able to express yourself very well even though you are not face-to-face with the person you are teaching.  You and (your Webmaster) worked very well together as a team --  The website is VERY east to use. 

...I've enjoyed the 'online experience' and thought the material was well thought out and easy to follow.

Schedule for the next Match Play Online class: Spring 2015 will be posted here, eventually!.
For your info, the following was for a previous class and shows how the class is organized/presented.

Schedule for the Match Play Online class: September 8, 2014 was:

Monday September 1, 2014
Registration will be closed for this class session.
Payment for participation must have been received by Sonja before this date.

"Sonja Online" sessions are where Sonja is available for 1.5 hours (each session) for "direct" online question / answer / comment interaction with students. Of course, during the entire class Sonja is also available to address your eMail questions related to the Match Play class.

September 8, 2014

Session-1 material available online.

  • Familiarize with the concept of the Match Play pattern
  • Design decisions
  • Basic color placement in your design.
September 15, 2014
First "Sonja Online" session.

Session-2 material available online.

  • Considerations, prior to cutting the fabric
  • Cutting the square/strips for the blocks
  • Sewing the blocks.
September 22, 2014
Second "Sonja Online" session.

Session-3 material available online.

  • Paying attention to the seam allowance as you put Units together
  • Putting the Units together
  • Completing the center.
October 6, 2014
Third "Sonja Online" session.

Session-4 material available online.

  • Small and Tiny Borders.
October 13, 2014
Fourth "Sonja Online" session.
October 20, 2014
Online Class Material will no longer be available for this class.
From September 8, 2014 through October 20, 2014 class participants use the Weblog and/or eMail at anytime to interact with Sonja for class-related questions. Sonja will respond within one business day.

The fee for the class will be $45.00 USA. Payment for the class must be paid by check or money order and it is necessary that payment arrive to us (and be cleared) prior to the date that class material will begin to be online.

Payment of $45.00 USA should be made out and mailed to:

    Sonja Shogren
    1815 Falls Church Rd
    Raleigh NC 27609

    Reminder: Check or money order only! No credit card, PAYPAL, etc. - and, payment must be received by us (and be cleared) prior to the date that class material will begin to be online.

    Payment is: For the stated length of time for this online class -

    • Access to course material in PDF format.
    • Four sessions of "Sonja Online" discussion time. Sonja will answer questions placed on the Weblog during this time as quickly as possible.
    • Access to the class Weblog (BLOG). Sonja will answer questions placed there within one business day. This Weblog will naturally be used for class-attendee interaction as well as being a "host" for any online class photos or other machine-readable material.
    • eMail access to Sonja related to this class. eMail will be the method for sending any photos / scanned material that the class participant wants to ask Sonja about - or, to share with other class participants.

To see photos and some other information regarding either of the classes mentioned below, please go to:

"Online" Match Play Class Description and Class Photos

"Offline" Match Play Class Description and Other Information
(Classes held at Bernina World of Sewing classroom in Raleigh NC USA)

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If you are interested in future Online Match Play classes not shown on this Web page, please contact us by eMail to: Sonja Shogren regarding Match Play Online class.

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Class: Match Play Online September/October 2014
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