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I started quilting around 1975. At that time I was an architect in Switzerland. After I moved to Raleigh NC USA in 1985, quilting as an art form was a natural transformation of my interest in art and design.

I especially enjoy using miniature blocks since it expands the possibilities of design and color within a limited space. I also, naturally, work with - and teach classes in - traditional quilt making. I offer classes for beginner quilters as well as the experienced quilter and have been fortunate to work with students around the world since 1989.

For miniatures, I prefer to work with 1.5" and 2" blocks while keeping the integrity of a normally-larger piece. For example, if the miniature is based on a log cabin pattern that has 5 bars, make the miniature block with five bars as well. Simply, make the bars smaller in size, to keep the proportions.

"Miniature" to me means "small", not "less complex".

The use of small blocks that keep the integrity of traditional designs means that miniature art pieces are able to exploit a multitude of possibilities offered by quilting and art in a small "picture-size" piece. For example, working with a 10x10 pattern of 2" (5 cm.) blocks allows for use of 100 blocks that make up the final piece of approximately 20" (50 cm.) square.

I try to design and create art pieces to enhance other art/design aspects of a home or business. The art pieces are normally one of two types:

1) Designed and created while in direct contact with the client

2) The client selects a currently for sale art piece that meets the client's needs.

My quilts have won several national and international awards, including my quilt "Into the Light" that won an award at the International Miniature competition at International Quilt Week Yokohama 2000 in Japan.

I have been teaching quilt classes since 1989. During that time I have been fortunate to work with students locally and internationally and in 2005 I was nominated for Teacher of the Year through the The Professional Quilter journal. In 2009 I began to offer selected classes online.

I teach workshops for traditional quilters as well as for those who are interested in miniature art and miniature quilts. The practical parts of miniature quilt workshops use the sew-on-paper technique. The design parts of these workshops apply to an overall art environment.

Patterns that are available are for 1.5" and 2" blocks (2", 4" or 6" for Curved Log Cabin).

Sonja Shogren


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