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Your Own Design

  • Information Meeting

    Some of you have mentioned that you may be looking for a class that is aimed at designing your own quilt; a Civil War-type quilt or perhaps a contemporary quilt.

    The purpose of this meeting is to ensure that the plan that I have for this class is what you are expecting; that is to say: Are we on the same page? This meeting is aimed at providing you with sufficient information to allow you to make a final decision on commitment for the class.

    This meeting is free (No Charge).

  • Class Sessions

    Create a quilt with your own, original design and vision. I will assist you, using my experience and helping you with, for example, the math part and other technical issues that come up as you go along. Quilt types may include traditional/reproduction-type quilts or very strong/geometrical contemporary quilts.

    We will examine your ideas for YOUR piece and I will help you make decisions as you go forward. I will provide you different options in how to begin the design of your quilt.

    We will meet once a month, giving you plenty of time to work on the different steps of your design. I will be available in the meantime - I will not leave you on your own!

    This class is not a class for beginners

Machine Piecing.
Level: Not for beginners.

No classes currently scheduled. Contact us if you are interested in this class.
Cost: $60

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